Vulnerability Management

The highly dynamic technology landscape coupled with applications systems that are evolving at break-neck speedy to give the business the leverage to stay competitive exposes the all IT systems across every organization to risk. What was secure a month back may not be secure this week, and the time window for this feel secure is getting crunched from what used to be months to now weeks and days. The number of connected platforms, applications; in-house, hosted, third party, collaborative models, etc each with different level of access authorization has increased the complexity of managing digital identities of user multi fold. From onboarding a new user for a frictionless experience to removal of user across from these digital assets is significant task, one incorrect provisioning can leave a gaping hole in the best of securities.

Futuretech provides you with the effective identity and access management solution, we are offer complete and integrated solution that enables organizations to achieve rapid compliance with regulatory mandates; secures sensitive applications and data regardless of whether they are hosted on-premises or in a cloud; andgetti reduces operational costs.

Our solutions cover the complete lifecycle of digital identities and their access to enterprise assets to ensure effective risk-based controls that give our customers complete automation and control for authentication, single sign-on, authorization, federation, mobile and social sign-on, identity propagation, and risk-based authentication and authorization at the network perimeter.