Visitor Management Systems

From mid-sized organizations to large corporates the day to day business needs have changed dramatically. The need for interaction with vendors, suppliers, consultants, business partners and plethora of other forms of visitors along with the underlying needs of effective time planning, management, wholesome experience to your visitors and most importantly inherent security risks have created a need for technology solution that is real-time and integrates with other business solutions that exists in organization.

To address this, Futuretech’s Visitor Management System provides a highly scalable workflow based solution built using industry best practices. The system provides an end-to-end visitor management solution that enhances security of the workplace, enforces compliance, asset protection, increases operational efficiencies and most importantly provides an excellent experience to your guest as well operational ease for the security team.

High level feature set:

  • Application enables entire life cycle of the visits through the visitor’s identity i.e. from visit request through approval and final exit from premises
  • Highly Scalable system with configurable workflows, controls, mails and sms alerts
  • Built for seamless experience across devices - mobile, laptop, tablet, PC
  • Integration with MS Office for appointment schedule, blocking asset like meeting room etc.
  • Tracking from appointment request to exit from the premises
    • Alerts by SMS or Mail when visitor arrives enables routing to personal assistance, or delegated person or the actual person based on real time situation
    • Online real-time customizable Dashboard giving the exact whereabouts of each visitors – with drill downs that are searchable, downloadable to excel
    • Security Alerts for visitor for overstay at the premises
  • Integration for NIC database & internal blacklist for enhanced security
  • Integration with access control systems to limit access only to specified areas
  • Integration with maps for online directions
  • Visitors entire visits history and personal identity information validated and available online
  • Design your own visitor badge, include your company logo, visitor photograph, person being visited, date, time, contact info, location of office being visited
  • Logging of assets taking into and off premises during visits
  • Far superior experience to the Visitor than provided the in lobby access authorization systems
  • No Special Training needed for security team, extremely intuitive and easy to use