Virtualization Solutions

Unprecedented adoption of technology in day-to-day business, demands of faster ROI, financial crunch and business strategy to move out non-core functions fueled the growth of virtualization industry. Security evolution has helped address the concern of skeptics, moving data and technology out of the premises to hosted and virtualized environment in no more seen as a very high risk solution; at best, most virtualized and hosted solutions provide a more secure environment due the amortization of cost of specialized security equipment over a much larger usage base.

From the simple desktop virtualization (VDI) the industry has evolved and moved to virtualized network, Storage (SDN), Hosted Desktop Virtualization (HDV), etc. Nearly every component of the IT infrastructure can now be moved from on premises physical environments to virtual or software defined forms.

This evolution has helped organization small and large to cut CAPEX as well as OPEX cost, moreover the shift has led to better service levels and uptime at fraction of the original cost. Small and Medium sized companies have benefit the most, as setting such an advance environment on premises, both in terms of computing and security would not fit in their budget.

Futuretech with its specialized and experience team in infrastructure solutions, offers a full range of virtualization services covering Desk Tops, Networks, Datacenters.