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Success of Software Services is dependent of the degree collaboration during the entire development life cycle of a software application, we have mature methodologies in place with focus on timely delivery and exacting standards. Our services range from managing mature products with regular releases into the market, to legacy systems that are at the end of their life cycle and bespoke software development. Under each of the segments we cover system integration, offshore development & enhancement, application and product testing, project management, technical support, migration and upgrades etc based on the exacting needs of our Client.

Our methodologies are time-tested and are evolve with the emergences of new technologies, tools and industry best practices. We recommend usage of appropriate methodology based upon suitability to the scope of work and client environment.

We choose the best fit development methodologies based on our client needs; for termed project where functional needs are extremely clear and do not undergo constant change waterfall or iterative methodologies are used. Theselegacy delivery and interaction modelsinclude rigorous definitions of roles & responsibilities, project scope, planning and tracking, processes, milestone.

For applications where functionality is driven by market needs that change more frequently than others or where functional clarity emerges as development progress, using waterfall or iterative results in 'too late to market syndrome'. More often than not, business find that the markets needs has changed even before the applications development and deployment is completed. In such cases we use more recent methodologies like agile/scrum. These methodologies focus on high level collaboration between our and the client teams, with multiple and short delivery cycle aimed at getting it right early in the cycle rather than at of entire development.

Coupled our the choice of most suited methodology our experience in the software development with the tenured teams, specialized technical skill-sets, domain strengths and strong processes help us delivering quality software services, that enable our clients achieve business outcomes with agility, speed and certainty.

At Futuretech, we provide distinctive services across 2 major portfolios; Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) that comprise of industry leading products and Application Development & Maintenance Services (ADMS). Our clients comprise of government agencies and enterprises across various domains like Banking & Financial, Utilities, Services, Manufacturing, Trading and Education.

Here, we endeavor reliability and perfection to our Clients and maintain a very high standard in all our services. Our projects execution levels are built around being the best suited service provider to help growing, nascent ad established businesses. We understand the Client expectations very well and respect the fact that expectations have evolved from merely looking for a technology vendor to a technology partner who can help the clients succeed in their business goals.

Enterprise business management system from SAP, Oracle and Microsoft integrate all facets of the business, covering Financial Accounting, Controlling, Sales and Distribution, Production Planning, Materials Management, Quality Management and Human Resources - Human Capital Management andClient Relationship Management. This modular approach enables enterprises to select and use modules that add value to their business More..

Today’s applications are highly business centric and technology is seen an enabler. Using the deep domain knowledge gained through experience of working with business in the Middle East for a over a decade and the international exposure that the our management team brings we are uniquely geared to solve the most challenging requirements the business has using latest in technology. With multiple strategic projects completed in the region we are seen as a reputable 'one-stop' partner to realize even the most complex projects. More..

At Futuretech we understand the fast evolving mobile technologies that offer business new opportunities and inspire innovative ways of reaching out to the end consumers or even internal stake holders within the organization. Be it new mobile solution developed from scratch or leveraging existing IT solution through web-services Futuretech offers all forms of services to mobile enable business across domains. More..

Futuretech has been providing Datacenter and infrastructure based services for nearly a decade, this experience coupled with our understanding of emerging software solutions trends places us in a unique position to provide a our client with diverse cloud based computing solutions. We have the capability of building private cloud solution or use public cloud based solution depending on the client needs. More..

Today’s evolving business environment has created a paradigm shift on how Enterprises see software services. More and more Enterprises today seek flexibility, efficiency, round the clock performance monitoring and an SLA based solution to their computing needs. Futuretech offers a suite of Application Support and Maintenance Services that help our clients outsource non core functions and focus for their core business. Our Services cover taking over complete management of software assets or selective outsourcing based on business strategy of the client. More..

Futuretech provides a range of comprehensive services for testing for all the software we develop or support. We also provide these services for as third party independent validation and testing services for software that is not developed by us. Our QA specialists have expertise in multiple technologies, platforms and standards. We offer strategic consulting as well as actual testing services. More..

The concept of Outsourcing is widely seen as a cost-saving and value-add tactic across the globe. From large enterprises to government agencies to SME’s, outsourcing has become more common because of its realizable benefits.
Getting the right talent for a specific requirement is a daunting task and FUTURETECH makes the entire process simple and effective for our clients so that the right team joins the project at the right time, duration and caters to clients expectations. More..

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