Smart Attendance

Futuretech’s SmartAttendance system has been designed keeping in the mind the needs of global workforce that is always on the move. The app based system allows management the flexibility of defining where a particular person needs to be on a given day or at more granular level even at a given hour during the day. Based on the parameters defined by management/administrator each resource can log their attendance on the move, i.e. when the resource is in the proximity or at the deployment location for the given day or hour they can check-in or check-out at a click of button using the mobile app available on their phone.

The system eliminates the physical swipe machine, which is huge constraint for organization that have staff that work out of multiple locations or out in the field. Apart from workforce the system can be used by Universities, Colleges to manage class room attendance by defining hourly or period location for each day.

High level feature set:

  • Address the needs of organization with most complex attendance roster needs, product can be configured for all possible combination of attendance needs
    • Standard this is designed to meet the needs of workers that have a standard location each working day
    • Standard location - Flexi time - This is for professional that do not have fixed hours but location is fixed
    • Full Flexi Here for each of working day the administration can define as many slot as needed for the concerned person to fulfil his duties. The covers all forms of attendance needs for field workers who travel to different locations for work, have to be at a specific location at a particular time slot etc
  • Geo-location / geo-time to ensure real time location based attendance login
  • Biometric based authentication of login
  • Works standalone or integrated to backend HRMS systems
  • Highly Scalable system with configurable workflows, controls, email and sms alerts