At Futuretech we understand the evolution underway in the way businesses functions in the region, and global best practices. This along with rapid advancement in technology is posing new challenges to organizations on both, tactical and strategic fronts. Organization need to plug in these gaps across business processes, operations effectiveness and strategic growth with the appropriate technology base tools and platforms.

We have a growing list products that are developed keeping in mind the current needs and future possibility that changing business and technology landscape would be pose to business. Our products range form plug and play systems that integrate the with your existing enterprise systems to full fledge eCommerce (B2C & B2B) and healthcare platform.

Product Philosophy

Our products are the outcome of business understanding, emerging technology, highly scalable and measurable processes. Built with passion using the best in breed technology components that are configurable to meet the most demanding business needs.

Our Service & Help Desk offering is aimed at small and medium size organization, enabling these organizations to streamline their processes by leveraging proven ITIL Standard that bring in transparency, cost effective management of services, manage services based on business criticality and impact rather than first-in first-out basis. The solution enables SLA management and measurements that help optimize cost of services and remove redundancy.More..
OHS - Occupational Health & Safety is a integral part of modern organization and mandated by law in most countries. Futuretech has built a solution to addresses the OHS needs of organizations based in the Middle East. The solution integrates functions pertaining to health and safety within the organization and covers areas such as Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Risk, Disaster/Accident. Effective management controls help reduce risks, probability of accidents and untoward incidents that result in subsequent loss to the organization. More..
Futuretech’s eCommerce platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses, the B2B solution provides distributor and traders the complete online platform for activities starting from procurement to shipment with integration to enterprise financial systems and customer relation management systems. The B2C solution is designed to be the most comprehensive and innovative solution in the market to provide online buyers a wholesome experience. More..

Futuretech’s Smart Attendance system has been designed keeping in the mind the needs of global workforce that is always on the move. The app based system allows management the flexibility of defining where a particular person needs to be on a given day or at more granular level even at a given hour during the day. Based on the parameters defined by management/administrator each resource can log their attendance on the move, i.e. when the resource is in the proximity or at the deployment location for the given day or hour they can check-in or check-out at a click of button using the mobile app available on their phone. More..

From mid-sized organizations to large corporates the day to day business needs have changed dramatically. The need for interaction with vendors, suppliers, consultants, business partners and plethora of other forms of visitors along with the underlying needs of effective time planning, management, wholesome experience to your visitors and most importantly inherent security risks have created a need for technology solution that is real-time and integrates with other business solutions that exists in organization. More..

Solution & Service Approach


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