Occupational Health & Safety - OHS

OHS – Occupational Health & Safety is a integral part of modern organization and mandated by law in most countries. Futuretech has built a solution to addresses the OHS needs of organizations based in the Middle East. The solution integrates functions pertaining to health and safety within the organization and covers areas such as Planning, Organizing, Controlling, Risk, Disaster/Accident. Effective management controls help reduce risks, probability of accidents and untoward incidents that result in subsequent loss to the organization.

High level feature set:

  • Configurable and scalable solution build using a lightweight portal concept.
  • Implementation starts with an in-depth examination of organization’s entire health and safety management system(s) and associated arrangements
    • Mapping existing processes and to industry best practices
    • Gap Analysis and definition of an continuous improvement path with objectives to reach industry best practices
  • Solution is a lightweight web portal developed with an objective to offer simplicity and easy of use
  • Enables organizations to automate the safety standards and measure efficiencies at multiple level i.e. Department, Sector, Business Unit and Company
  • Enables definition of safety goals, allow OHS team in analyzing the risk and time action takes actions
  • Track Risk and the probability of it occurring and the domino effect it can have as the consequence, take timely remedial actions
  • Helps in reduction of the undesired events and the resultant losses.
  • User can easily log an incident or accident by using mobile app. Capture picture and upload instantly for rapid response and containing the impact
  • Application access through, mobile, tablet, PC and other electronic devices