Next Generation Firewall - NGFW

Organizational network usage is no longer limited to simple emails and file transfers; they have expanded to include real-time integration with internal and external applications, collaboration tools, instant messenger (IM), peer-to-peer applications, VoIP, streaming media and teleconferencing. The horizon just keeps increasing each day.

These advance interfaces, integrations are integral and critical for today’s business to succeed. Speed at which business are conducted has increased dramatically, while some businesses need near real-time response, some need the response in milliseconds. Networks need to ensure extreme speed and security that are flexible to address the needs of the organization and be ahead of the obsolescence curve.

Futuretech offers a full range of Next Generation Firewall appliances from market leading vendors to protect your applications, data and users from advanced threats. Our certified solutions team has experience of deploying numerous NGFW products and solutions offered by our partners, we have not only implemented but can also re-engineering many of these products for our clients giving us the knowledge and experience needed.

We evaluate business needs based on various parameters and map it the offering in the market to provide your business the most robust and cost effective solution. Some key areas for consideration:

  • Integrated intrusion prevention
  • IPS monitoring and Management
  • Policy enforcement across layers
  • Intelligence based traffic mapping, backlist, whitelist, etc
  • Upgrade paths and integration and interoperability with emerging technologies and tools
  • Non-disruptive in-line bump-in-the-wire configuration
  • Advance encryption and decryption
  • Throughput
  • Ease of configuration and day-to-day use