Network Admission Control

Today, access in any medium to large organization implies a diverse population of users. Apart from employees that regularly connect to networks remotely; consultants, contractors and other guests enter facilities and request connectivity to the enterprise's network. Bring your own device (BYOD) has become a norm. Networks, primarily wireless, enable employees to access networks with personally owned devices. Also, there are an increasing number of IoT devices et connected to the organization network.

Network Admission has moved from blocking risky laptop and devices to full a spectrum of enterprise network access requirements across diverse device classes, and categories of users.

Futuretech’s solution team has capabilities to design, implement or just provide consulting services to your team to build access control solutions that enable your organizations to implement policies for controlling devices and user access to corporate networks without compromising on your security needs. We have expertise across multiple NAC tools and our partnership with leading OEM’s in the domain enables us to provide solution that uses multiple technologies and processes that best fit your organizational need. Our Solutions cover

  • Heterogeneous endpoint environment for Windows, IOS, Android etc
  • Policy definition and implementation - includes access control actions for compliant and noncompliant endpoints and functions like device authentication, quarantine management, package dropping/filtering, user authorization, location, time/date, duration, application/resource access, etc.
  • Guest Networking Service —guest registration, guest authentication, guest sponsoring, multi-level guest rights and privileges
  • Profiling and Visibility — setup profiling engine that delivers with dynamic discovery, identification and monitoring of all network-attached endpoints.
  • Bidirectional Integration — Integration with other security components, open/RESTful API, etc