Mobile Application Development

At Futuretech we understand the fast evolving mobile technologies that offer business new opportunities and inspire innovative ways of reaching out to the end consumers or even internal stake holders within the organization. Be it new mobile solution developed from scratch or leveraging existing IT solution through web-services Futuretech offers all forms of services to mobile enable business across domains.

  • Futuretech enhances Business reach though use of Web Services - establish mobile access to functionality and data provided by the existing back-end software for both B2B and B2C.
  • For online service providers we creates native mobile applications that seamlessly integrate with web services or other online resources, our experience.
    • E-commerce
    • Social Media
    • Financial Servicess
  • For corporates our experience in mobile apps for Accounting, CRM, Business Intelligence, ECM, Inventory Management helps them transform their businesses.
    • Electronic Forms and Catalogs
    • Barcodes Processing & RFID support
    • Data Visualization
    • Task Management
    • Digital Assets Management
  • Futuretech offering spans across iOS, Android and Windows based mobile apps.
  • Futuretech provides the mobile application development services across.
    • Native Application Development
    • Hybrid mobile Application Development
    • Re-platform across mobile devices