The enterprises today, embrace the digital world and expects its IT infrastructure to be robust. At the same time they need system to be agile enough to incorporate changes that cater to the market with appropriate technology upgrades and factor in growth as well as changes in the business strategies. Enterprises are moving towards Operational excellence, resilience, and a secure computing environment. All said, the biggest challenge is to keep cost to a low and uptime high with minimal risks. Business have come to expect 99% uptime and a high degree of predictability in the operational aspect of the infrastructure. This level of expectation isachieved by high degree of automation, integration with monitoring and management tools.

Our infrastructure services offerings help enterprises and government entities design, build, run, and manage their IT infrastructure services in an agile manner that allows for better integration with the existing processes, compliance needs, operations and infrastructure management toolsat optimum costs. We provide innovative, SLA driven real-time and resilient infrastructure solutions that help our clients deal with their technology deployments and day-to-day infrastructure challenges in an efficient way with a very high degree of predictability and risk compliance.

We leverage our long standing alliances with leading technology OEM’s to engineer solutions that cover a wide range of of offerings including, but not limited to: network cabling, data center preparation, physical security, routing switching, storage, collaboration solutions, Telepresence Solutions, wireless network, and digital signage systems. Along with all these services we bundle elements of information security based on the client’s needs.

Organizations in quest for business reach, growth and profitability embrace the digital world at speed unseen before and expect their IT infrastructure to be robust yet agile to incorporate changes to align with the market and rollout technical upgrades within short timeframe, and at reduced costs. More..
In the last decade organizations first moved their applications and computing environments to intranet, internet and then to other connected environments using various forms of cloud computing. It was, but natural for age old telephony and other traditional communication forms to evolve to the meet the business challenges and help enterprises maintain their competitive advantage. More..
Globalization, evolving business strategies, goals and adopting of disruptive technologies has led to the creation of the new age Hyper-Connected Enterprise. Almost no organization works in a standalone mode, collaboration between internal & external resources, client and prospects if part of every organizations strategy. More..

The technology shifts that have powered the Enterprisesí quest for business reach, growth and profitability and be part of Hyper-Connected digital world have so far been front end centric with focus on computing power, new age applications etc. More..

With always-on always-connected a given way of working at most enterprises, data center is seen as backbone that powers daily operations of organizations of every size and a crucial element of the technology landscape. It can create promising opportunities for success, or it can leave organizations open to failure. More..

Unprecedented adoption of technology in day-to-day business, demands of faster ROI, financial crunch and business strategy to move out non-core functions fueled the growth of virtualization industry. Security evolution has helped address the concern of skeptics, moving data and technology out of the premises to hosted and virtualized environment in no more seen as a very high risk solution; at best, most virtualized and hosted solutions provide a more secure environment due the amortization of cost of specialized security equipment over a much larger usage base. More..

While Information Security comes foremost to mind during any discussion on security, Physical security at times is underplayed or does not get the attention due. However, breaches of physical security can be carried out with brute force and little or no technical knowledge. Many also believe that Physical security is limited to the perimeter of the premises or main gates, but the danger is both external and internal. More..

Increasing integration of IT on premise, hosted IT and Cloud are generating more complex infrastructure, and the fast adoption rate of underlying tools and devices is not making it any easier.More..

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