Enterprise Communication

In the last decade organizations first moved their applications and computing environments to intranet, internet and then to other connected environments using various forms of cloud computing. It was, but natural for age old telephony and other traditional communication forms to evolve to the meet the business challenges and help enterprises maintain their competitive advantage.

Enterprise communications has evolved to IP-based technologies that enables an organization to become the new age hyper-connected enterprise where users are always on-line, always collaborating. The new age organization uses next generation communications to accelerate decisions, boost productivity, respond faster to customers, and increase differentiation and build brand loyalty

Enterprises are leveraging disruptions in areas like Unified Communication, Mobility & BYOD, Cloud & Web communication, SIP based communication to build competitive advantage. Futuretech’s solution team has extensive experience in design, implementation and support in the Enterprise Communication space. We have expertise across multiple tools and our partnership with leading OEM’s in the domain enables us to provide solution that integrates multiple technologies to give the organization a cost effective, effective communication environment. Our offerings include:

  • Unified communication
  • Unified computing
  • Telepresence
  • WebEx applications
  • Communications gateways
  • Voice gateways