eCommerce - B2B & B2C

Futuretech’s eCommerce platforms for both B2B and B2C businesses, the B2B solution provides distributor and traders the complete online platform for activities starting from procurement to shipment with integration to enterprise financial systems and customer relation management systems. The B2C solution is designed to be the most comprehensive and innovative solution in the market to provide online buyers a wholesome experience.

Our solutions use the best of breed proven technologies along with emerging technologies that are changing the way online shopping as well offline wholesale/retails will happen in days to come. This mix of proven and new provide our Client with a platform that’s highly scalable, configurable solution and future ready. The platform provides seamless experience across multiple touch points and innovative ways of presenting the merchandise, taking user experience to the next level.

High level feature set:

  • Intelligent and Intuitive mechanism of engaging your prospect and converting them to customers – across multiple touch points including third party off-line retail kiosk
  • Leverage SEO for higher hit rate on your site of your site
  • Possibility of incorporating external revenue generation like AdSense Affiliate Marketing etc
  • On-the fly dynamic display of merchandise based Real-time analytics engine for evaluating user behavior, browsing pattern, buying pattern, personal information etc
  • Highly configurable and scalable solution with multi-factor authentication for secure transaction and delivery of even for the most valuable good
  • Best in class content management that makes development of content easy and system with configurable workflows, controls, mails and sms alerts
  • Built for seamless experience across devices - mobile, laptop, tablet, PC , kiosk etc using the latest responsive/adaptive design paradigm
  • Integration with leading payment gateway and POS terminals, electronic wallet, tap-n-go payment etc
  • Extensive shipping and inventory management system
    • Bulk shipping , both in-bound and out bond
    • Automated warehouse fulfilment centers
    • Online real-time customizable Dashboard for order and inventory management
  • Partition your business in logical stores and render them with different look and feel from the same instance of the platform
    • Share select inventory across stores & Cross Sell
    • Share user profiles across stores
  • Integration with accounting and financial systems
  • Maintain complete history of the users