Data Loss Prevention

Organizations are increasingly investing in the collection and management of data to improve business performance and leverage their competitive advantage. As most business communications between employees and with third parties now take place electronically, the potential for sensitive data exposure continues to rise. According to IDC’s 2010 Digital Universe Study: A Digital Universe Decade – Are You Ready?, the digital information will grow by a factor of 44 globally over the next 10 years to a total of 35 zettabytes (35 trillion gigabytes!).

For any Data Loss Prevention (DLP) program to be successful, the understand of cause and effect of data loss is of paramount importance. It is a common misconception that data loss threats originate from eternal sources and having firewalls, etc can prevent them from happen. One of the greatest challenges in managing data loss is that there are so many reasons why data loss can occur, numerous data loss scenarios to be considered.

The issue at hand is pervasive and a comprehensive solution that includes people, processes and technology needs to be implemented, below diagram depicts a high value for data loss risks, their sources and probable impacts.

There is no magic solution or tool that addresses the variety of data loss risks that each organization faces, in many ways the challenge is unique to each organization.

DLP solutions provided by Futuretech cover the entire data lifecycle i.e. Data at Rest, Data in Motion and Data in Use. We adopt a holistic approach that encompasses the three axis – People, Technology and Processes – that play a vital part in the success of the solution. The minimum objective used to define are solution are

  • Prevent the intentional or unintentional disclosure of sensitive data at rest, in use or in motion to unauthorized parties
  • Maintain adequate security and provide usability
  • Protect customer data and brand reputation
  • Protect personally identifiable information and intellectual property
  • Reduce the organization’s risk and cost of compliance

The most knowledge people about a company’s data are the business teams within the organization, Futuretech’s domain, processes and technical specialist leverage this knowledge powerhouse to build the most comprehensive and effective solution for you. Our final deliverable comprises for a complete DLP Model covering

  • Data governance
  • Data loss prevention controls (technology, physical, Process)
  • Support for information Security Processes