Datacenter solutions

With always-on always-connected a given way of working at most enterprises, data center is seen as backbone that powers daily operations of organizations of every size and a crucial element of the technology landscape. It can create promising opportunities for success, or it can leave organizations open to failure.

Datacenter solutions can be as simple as a standalone rack or as complex as a server farms that run thousands of servers. Complexity of the solution is not limited to just selection of the servers or number of server, etc but touches diverse areas as Power Supply, Cooling to Resilience, Automation & Monitoring Tools, Security amongst others.

At Futuretech, we have the capability and experience to design and build a world-class physical data center infrastructure from the ground up for you, maintain what you have, or transform your existing data center infrastructure to better performance and increased end-user productivity.

Our certified data center services team provides design, planning, and consolidation services for space, power, cooling, fail-over, recovery, and business continuity requirements. Our expertise in the domain and alliances with the leading OEM’s give us the edge to fast-track toward your data center transformation and optimization goals.