Database Security

With business, professional and personal information having moved to from paper to digital storage, be it a database or a simple file, data in the digital world represent a goldmine for hackers. From direct financial exposure, social engineering to industrial espionage attacks all have data at its epicenter.

On one hand stringent data protection and privacy laws have forced organization to look at means to secure data that resides with them, on the other hand regular reports of financial and reputational due to data comprise have resulted emergence of multiple solutions to address these complex challenges.

Most organizations believe Pont of Sale (PoS) is the only source of data breach threats. Verizonís 2009 Data Breach Investigation Report found that while when PoS system breaches see an average of 6% of records compromised, and 19% when the application server is compromised, database breaches see an average of 75% of the organizationís records compromised in an attack.

Databases and data storage is clearly emerging as the weakest link in the information security value chain. Databases are complex, and database administrators donít always know the implications of not ensuring database security and integrity. It needs extensive understanding of the data, to provide the right level of security to different data types. The task gets more complex as not just securing the data but data integrity and availability needs to be ensured for smooth functioning of the business systems.

Futuretechís solution team has capabilities to design, implement or just provide consulting services to your team to address even the most advance data usages for both data at rest and data in flight or simply assist your team in creating awareness and best practice for data protection. We have expertise across multiple tools and our partnership with leading OEMís in the domain enables us to provide solution that uses multiple technologies throughout the organization, some of our services:

  • Hardware & Software based data security solution for data encryption, masking etc
  • Awareness and Best practices for data protection, including setup of polices and procedure
  • Data Access and provisioning solutions
  • Data Privacy compliance and certifications
  • Secure Backup and Offline storage solutions