Advanced Persistent Threat - APT

With Organizations moving to applications and computing environments to internet, intranet and other connected environments. Today’s Organizational is getting increasing connected to the outside world network usage has expanded to include real-time integration with internal and external applications, collaboration tools, instant messenger (IM), peer-to-peer applications, VoIP, streaming media, teleconferencing, and more recently IoT based appliances.

Convergence and collaboration needed to address the business needs have exposed organizations systems to threats that are far more complex than malware and viruses. Security breaches have resulted in huge loses, penalties and reputational damages.

It is not uncommon for companies small and large, even with dedicated information security teams to fall victim to advance targeted threats. Verizon alone investigated nearly 80,000 security incidents (per its Data Breach Investigation Report) last year.

Rapid innovation in malware, frequent zero day attacks, high degrees of social engineering, and emerging evasion techniques can all render any single security solution ineffective. It’s clear that no one technology will be able to stop every threat, especially as they continue to become more complex and adaptive. Futuretech’s solution team has capabilities to design, implement or just provide consulting services to your team to fight today’s sophisticated threats or create integrated security strategy for your organization. We have expertise across multiple tools and our partnership with leading OEM’s in the domain enables us to provide solution that uses multiple technologies throughout the organization.